Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Night...

official writ on exhibit see below picture.

polaroid by: Flavia Sollner
polaroid of the citroen in the tunnel 

11/2008 -12/2008

“Flash blindness is caused by the oversaturation of light in the retina. This blindness happens at the most densified space of seeing. At night, the dark-adapted pupil is wide open so flash blindness has a greater effect.

The night permeates Flavia Sollner’s photographs. In her recent work, using a long exposure that denies the capture of a precise moment, she sheds the transitory details of time. A flicker of light in the middle distance reveals another world, one with a different time, at once both myth and reality, dark, intimate and always surprising. What is revealed in that flash of light is the possibility to see beyond the blindness. […].

In a questioning of the ‘original image’, Flavia developed a technique with Polaroid film for this project. As the milky white turns to dark there is an intimacy that takes place between the photographer, the scene and the print. The sense of literal presence of “being there” that a Polaroid gives is unparalleled, for you are with the scene and the image at once. Standing in the scene itself, these new Polaroids can trigger suppressed hallucinations, a reconfiguration of shadowed stories at once beautiful, genuine and scary.”

Text by Amal Khalaf 
(Amal Khalaf is the Co- director of Hold&Freight. The curatorial space in which my project ‘The Night…’ came about after I accepted her invitation to use the premises, an old railway arch tunnel in central London, to my hearts content.) 

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I Moved Aways...

photi: me took this one of Chalsey Lodge ... good-by my little chalet!

drawing: Sophia Al-Marria

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Night, Though Clear, Shall Frown & The Stars Will Not Look Down - E-flyer

designed by Mr. Benjamin E. Oliver

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Before - prep for tunnel show

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Hills have eyes –

pictures of the picture: flavia sollner
pictures on the houses in the pictures: JR

- And the Borders on Charing X does too.

Through my foggy slow-vodka induced haze I see the eyes. Massive eyes, as large as a small house or hut, they are hovering in front of me. Shining and clear, like the imagined water-mirror on a hot desert road.

These eyes are there to haunt me, to follow me in my complacency. Are they Accusing? Are they Watching? Or are they Judging?

These eyes are not a Fata Morgana, not an illusion of my deteriorating mind. They are the eyes of old women, young girls, of children and teens alike. Shot in the worlds poorest and most desolate regions and ghettos, and they are watching.

In the video installation, that is running in the Charing Cross Gallery accompanying the show, a woman exclaims: “The eyes on the Hill are open”. The Hill she is referring to is Providencia, a favela in Rio de Janeiro that everyone outside, every soul lucky enough not to be a resident, would like to not only ignore, but rather pretend it never even existed. That is, until JR the young French photographer showed up, now the hills have eyes – eyes that are open and looking. They are looking straight at you!

The eyes, images and Video are part of JR’s exhibition (currently to be seen on 9 Greek Street, 121 Charring Cross Road and the entirety of Manette Street) and project entitled ‘28 Millimetres: WOMEN’, a show that cannot be ignored, it is not colouring by numbers, not ego-tripping of the eccentric artiste. It is a shout, a scream, a plight; demanding your attention!

text flavia sollner

Thursday, October 2, 2008

JR in Soho

opposite the office - boyses at work

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A Thursday evening, seemingly like any other, getting off the tube at King’s
Cross St. Pancreas, the stench of men’s clammy polyester shirts and women’s
nylon stockings after a long day at the office – rushing past and bumping
into me.

All this transformed instantaneously the moment I entered ‘Poison’, the long
awaited show of new works by Paul Insect. Reality shifted, like the cutting
point, the leap or rupture between the world as I knew it and another
parallel dimension. A world in which Playboy Bunnies are not just skeletal,
where religion is not merely a subliminally bad joke.

In this world, this other universe that is situated on the former premises
of an old porn set, where the furniture has over the years amassed more life
budding potential than a well managed sperm donor bank; in this universe the
Playboy Bunnies are Skeletons, Popes and Saints are adorned with Mickey
Mouse ears and clowns noses and women don’t have to worry about the state of
equal rights as long as they can balance a glass plate on their
over-plasticised, under-nourished frames.

It is a pushing to the extremes, a courting of the point of éclat, like a
mirror held in front of my face. This is us, this is me, this is what I am
doing. The rupture less abrupt, the leap is diminishing!

text flavia sollner

Show Poison by Paul Insect - offsite exhibition lazarides gallery - 12th - 21st September on 9 Caledonian Road

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Zoe Magazine - Primavera 2008

long interview by Germano D'Aquisto in Italian Art Magazine. click here for link: click

Friday, February 29, 2008

David Choe... best show i ever saw ... best afterparty too!

i'm sure i ll write something about this at some point.... something more than just: it was awesome --- innit!

(mainly because it was awesome)

until that point is neigh ... some immagery i found in my memory box under the bed!

click for larger
David Choe - Laz Invite Card
... and on top : part of the Ronny Scots menu ;)

Friday, February 22, 2008


Monday, January 21, 2008

Italian Marie Claire <3

the lovely peops in italia published an interview with me and the "Pink Umbrella" image in their January 2008 issue. 

the interview is on page 105 
(click on image to see larger view)