Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A Thursday evening, seemingly like any other, getting off the tube at King’s
Cross St. Pancreas, the stench of men’s clammy polyester shirts and women’s
nylon stockings after a long day at the office – rushing past and bumping
into me.

All this transformed instantaneously the moment I entered ‘Poison’, the long
awaited show of new works by Paul Insect. Reality shifted, like the cutting
point, the leap or rupture between the world as I knew it and another
parallel dimension. A world in which Playboy Bunnies are not just skeletal,
where religion is not merely a subliminally bad joke.

In this world, this other universe that is situated on the former premises
of an old porn set, where the furniture has over the years amassed more life
budding potential than a well managed sperm donor bank; in this universe the
Playboy Bunnies are Skeletons, Popes and Saints are adorned with Mickey
Mouse ears and clowns noses and women don’t have to worry about the state of
equal rights as long as they can balance a glass plate on their
over-plasticised, under-nourished frames.

It is a pushing to the extremes, a courting of the point of éclat, like a
mirror held in front of my face. This is us, this is me, this is what I am
doing. The rupture less abrupt, the leap is diminishing!

text flavia sollner

Show Poison by Paul Insect - offsite exhibition lazarides gallery - 12th - 21st September on 9 Caledonian Road