Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Before - prep for tunnel show

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Hills have eyes –

pictures of the picture: flavia sollner
pictures on the houses in the pictures: JR

- And the Borders on Charing X does too.

Through my foggy slow-vodka induced haze I see the eyes. Massive eyes, as large as a small house or hut, they are hovering in front of me. Shining and clear, like the imagined water-mirror on a hot desert road.

These eyes are there to haunt me, to follow me in my complacency. Are they Accusing? Are they Watching? Or are they Judging?

These eyes are not a Fata Morgana, not an illusion of my deteriorating mind. They are the eyes of old women, young girls, of children and teens alike. Shot in the worlds poorest and most desolate regions and ghettos, and they are watching.

In the video installation, that is running in the Charing Cross Gallery accompanying the show, a woman exclaims: “The eyes on the Hill are open”. The Hill she is referring to is Providencia, a favela in Rio de Janeiro that everyone outside, every soul lucky enough not to be a resident, would like to not only ignore, but rather pretend it never even existed. That is, until JR the young French photographer showed up, now the hills have eyes – eyes that are open and looking. They are looking straight at you!

The eyes, images and Video are part of JR’s exhibition (currently to be seen on 9 Greek Street, 121 Charring Cross Road and the entirety of Manette Street) and project entitled ‘28 Millimetres: WOMEN’, a show that cannot be ignored, it is not colouring by numbers, not ego-tripping of the eccentric artiste. It is a shout, a scream, a plight; demanding your attention!

text flavia sollner

Thursday, October 2, 2008

JR in Soho

opposite the office - boyses at work