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O trabalho enigmatico da Flavia Sollner e a sua nova exposição 'The Night'

link to jungledrums article

Texto: Glauce Lucas

Fotógrafa e estudante de Biologia, a jovem Flávia Sollner tem conquistado o mundo com seu trabalho. Ela nasceu no norte da Alemanha, viveu dois anos da sua adolescência em Belém do Pará. Morou alguns anos em Londres e hoje, aos 26, vive na Noruega. Agora, uma série de suas fotografias, feitas em Polaroide e intituladas de The Night estarão em exposição em janeiro em Londres.

“Eu tento procurar por algo que eu ache realmente impressionante e retorço aquilo um pouco – adicionando um elemento de escuridão ou de dor, de medo e horror. Mas espero criar algo que seja bonito o suficiente para fazer as pessoas olharem, mas ao mesmo tempo obscuro o suficiente para causar um sentimento de inquietação”, explica a fotógrafa.

Flávia já participou de exposições em diversos países do mundo, mas suas fotografias ainda não chegaram ao Brasil. “Mas é com certeza uma das coisas que eu ainda quero muito fazer", diz Flávia.

The Night / Photo50
13th - 17th Jan, London Art Fair

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photo50 - London Art Fair 2010


"Photo50 is a showcase for contemporary photography with artists selected by a distinguished panel including Ekow Eshun (Artistic Director of the Institute of Contemporary Arts), Anita Zabludowicz (Collector and founder of 176 / Zabludowicz Collection, London), David Campany (writer and lecturer on the history and theory of photography) and a team from Goldsmith's MFA curating programme. Fifty works will be shown - all for sale - and the members of the panel will champion the artists they have nominated.

A Photography Focus Day on Wednesday 13 January will feature a series of discussions and tours dedicated to contemporary photography." - took that bit from their webbly page -- too lazy to write myself .... sad sad times!...(see address etc at bottom of this post)

images i will display from "The Night..."

image no 3 from series "The Night..."


and number 11 should be here - whatever happened - i do not know 



this is where 5 of my pictures will be in January:

... stoked!!! :)

come and see me! one has to take random little london trips like they fall - this seems to be as good a reason as any.

(although - this time i'll book my tickets ahead of time - getting to the airport at 3am is a bitch! )

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Artefiera in Bologna


The Italian Gallery I'm with ( Gallery Jarach ) will be at the Artefiera in Bologna this January.

They are a really awesome gang - if i was in Bologna between the 29th - 31st of January 2010 i would so go and hang out at their stand non-stop... just sayin' :)

So if you are lucky enough to be there go and say hello.

BolognaFiere S.p.A. Viale della Fiera, 20- 40127 Bologna

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…As Tangible As Memory Is…

this is not a picture of the moat in the story this is a picture of rain - i could not find a lovely nice picture of the moat in the story
accompanied bythe rain in the story --- alas --- rain is rain

April 1995 - Belem, Para, Brazil

…BANG, it resonates through the entire house. Bang the mosquito netted door bounces back from the wall, only missing my sister’s face by inches. But she doesn’t seem to care, her face is livid and red with rage: “Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up… Why can’t you just shut the fuck up!?!” my sister shouts at the top of her lungs. Her voice intermingling with the ever ongoing never-ceasing chirping and croaking of the frogs inhabiting the moat surrounding us, running by our windows and encircling the entire house. She hates those frogs, she hates the cicadas , she hates the fact that there is never a second of utter silence to be had.

The sun set at 6pm, like every other night, too. Now it is 8pm in Belem, Para, Brazil and the noise has been going on for approximately one and a half hours. It is always the same. Every single night after the sun sets the frogs and toads start singing, only inches away from our window. There are no glass window panes to protect us from the noise, we are in the Amazon, it is humid and sticky, every single breath of air needs to be exploited to its fullest. All there is between us and the choir of amphibians are mosquito nets and window bars, but nothing at all against the sound that never ebbs.

Everything in Belem is very noisy and busy, day as night. The streets are buzzing from the shouts of the vendors, and the droning of air conditioners and fans, the honking of horns and the angry or joyful shouts of pedestrians. A multitude of different music tunes weave in and out of conscience wafting over from the occasional “toneladas de som” (which literally translates into tons of sound) going past – these are huge trucks stacked high with amplifiers blasting out pop tunes while driving around the city, day in and day out.

After April 1995 - Anywhere

Every time that I hear the chirping and croaking of frogs I am transported back to those days, my childhood in the Amazon. I am transported back to that day when my sister had finally had enough and tried to out-shout the constant noise carpet that lay like a fog over our lives. The splatter of water through the drainpipes leading from the roof, the splash it made when dashing into the moat surrounding the house (there to protect the walls and the base of the house from the moist) the cheeping of the insects, the twittering of the birds, the manic barking of my puppy, scared by my sister’s emotional outburst, running past her across the porch, yelping. The squishing of mud and water pressing between my toes, as I run over the field, after my dog. All these sounds in my head and in my memory are triggered by the frogs and remembering the sounds I also recall the feeling of the mud, the smell of the rain and the wet dog, it is almost like I am there again, transported through time and space, closing my eyes I very nearly expect a red ant to bite the sole of my bare foot.

In my mind, in my memory these sounds are fresh, they could have happened yesterday. I remember them as clearly as the sound of the alarm clock waking me up this very morning or the taste of the coffee I had for breakfast just after. Yet, that day in question is more than a decade ago. Many things have happened since. The Puppy is dead. Houses have been erected in the adjoining plots. The guards have been equipped with machine guns. I have moved away. Yet, I am certain, that should I go home next March or April (in the rainy season) the frogs would be there, like always, chirping and croaking just like they did that night in 1995.


first two subchapters from

…As Tangible As Memory Is…
(in time-space pieces) ... partial credit from my MA

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photo50...Matteo Consonni


Sight is often taken as the most trusted human sense but paradoxically it is the easiest to deceive. For the section “Photo50” of the London Art Fair, Flavia Sollner will present a series of Polaroid prints called “The Night”, a series that challenges the photographic medium and the human eye in different ways.

In the series of Polaroid prints, a medium that was chosen by the artist to contrast the alterability of the digital image, both in its appearance and meaning, darkness acquires an active role.

The subjects that appear from the long exposure shots are taken out of their context, framed by the dark element in their pure visual presence, a presence that our eyes cannot recognize as is. A context is needed to analyze what we see, and darkness does not allow us to look for the bigger picture.

The images obtained seem to be in constant movement among their different meanings, their possible lost contexts, between fiction and reality, planned and casual. Are they part of a blurred dream, a vision, or a staged reality? Or, are they crossing the boundaries between these two dimensions, like in an open-eyes-dream?

Looking at these images is taking conscience of a process of hallucination. Darkness tricking sight in an image that is a pure account of a visual datum. The sense that helps us to believe in reality, blinded. Every time an image is framed, first by using photography and then, in Flavia’s case, using darkness, what can be seen in it enters in a parallel dimension of belief.

Text by Matteo Consonni
(Matteo Consonni is an independent curator based in London and Milan)

13 - 17 January 2010
London Art Fair
Business Design Center

Islington, London N1

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Jungledrums translation : Fotógrafa contrasta natureza do Brasil e da Noruega

these here version of a text came somewhat as a surprise - unexpeced and such :) - but sweet like candy.

click here for Jungledrums

A fotógrafa norueguesa-brasileira Flavia Sollner transformou no ano passado as paisagens de florestas de Belém e o inverno de Oslo num conto de fadas à la Tim Burton na exposição The Night, Though Clear, Shall Frown, and the Stars will not Look Down, que aconteceu na galeria Hold & Freight, em Mile End.

Usando a noite como pano de fundo, Sollner apresenta sua visão da natureza desses lugares: misteriosa e sinistra, e ao mesmo tempo cinematográfica e lúdica. Em suas fotos, os opostos se atraem: o tropical encontra o frígido, o garoto conhece a garota, roxos e vermelhos vivos contrastam com sombras que dominam quase que toda a paisagem. Fotos como “So As I Might See You Better” e “Company of Wolves” trazem um eco de contos dos irmãos Grimm e de H.C. Andersen.

Nascida no Brasil e criada na Noruega, Flavia já expôs na 07 Art Fair na London's City Hall, Mi Art! Em Milão, Close to Dark em Veneza e na Galerie Poller em Nova Iorque.

E em 2010, o trabalho de Flavia será mais uma vez exibido em Londres, no Photo50, um projeto que acontece no London Art Fair Umbrella, o qual você pode conhecer melhor aqui.

13 - 17 January 2010
London Art Fair
Business Design Center

Islington, London N1

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... have awesome jaws!!!

talking about bats check these BATS out - they stab things!Proper!

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Darren And Flavia Doing Sport

... found an old video darren made ... i kinda miss all the laz-ettes...

Extreme Sports MA-trix

filmed by Darren Nunez

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forgotten and lost ... re-found picture of the day

for entire series - go here

polaroid by: Flavia Sollner
polaroid in a tunnel 2008 
by the light of the BMW

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ART Verona

There is an art fair afoot in fair Verona - 17th til the 21st of September ... here!!!

Davide Balliano | Giorgio Barrera | Gabriele Basilico | Simone Bergantini | Andrea Botto | Marco Campanini | Marina Ballo Charmet | Edward Burtynsky | Claudio Gobbi | Guido Guidi | Mona Kuhn | Teodoro Lupo | Robert Polidori | Claudia Pozzoli | Roberta Orio | Flavia Sollner | Nicola Vinci | Alessandro Zuek Simonetti | Marco Zanta

contact Art Verona:

vicolo Ognissanti 9
37123 Verona - Italia

tel: + 39 045 8039204
fax: +39 045 8015004

contact Gallery Jarach

10am - 1pm / 2.30pm - 7.30pm

from Tuesday to Saturday.

San. Marco 1997, Campo San fantin, 30124 Venezia, I.
In front of Theatre La Fenice
Phone +39 041 5221938 - Fax +39 041 2778936
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

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Megamagro - Megagood

Megamagro Are Based In Italy And I Like Them Very Much - Very Much Indeed.

click here for one of the many reasons :)

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Friday, July 17, 2009


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Julia Sasse

click for Julia's home on the web-ernet

Ben's Jam In & Cola Berry Blue

...anyone who is near-abouts a forest in blueberry picking season ... get out there you damn fools!!! :)

recipe for champions


et voila

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Galerie Poller - gallery moved!

the monkey has news: 
see news beneath the monkey: 


Galerie Poller
Dreikönigsstrasse 57
60594 Frankfurt am Main

Phone   +49 (0) 69 - 62 40 42
Fax   +49 (0) 69 - 62 92 27
Mobile   +49 (0) 175 - 809 7309

United States

Galerie Poller
526 Canal Street, 1st Floor
New York,  NY 10013

Phone   +1 - 212 - 462-2411
Mobile Jimi Billingsley   +1 - 917 - 450 5354 
Mobile Thomas Poller   +1 - 347 - 751 4455

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In Between - Polaroids


Thommy, John et al

Tomb Vomit & Dave



Dom Waz Ere

Claire De Rouen


Caan Hamlet

Bomb Scare on Charring X - Soho- London

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Lauren Vieyra Rocks Australia!

click to see video of lauren click

click here to see some of her dresses from the olden days
design : lauren Vieyra  
photi : me 

Lauren is on Australian Telli about to make some awesome things - check her out! click click click 

I met Lauren & Alina Tadevosyan while studying in Italy - i was very impressed with the quality of workmanship, ingenuity and creativity they exhibited in their designs.

Some of the loveliest dresses and accessories I have ever seen (pay attention to the thumb gloves she is wearing in the video - they made them - i have a pair , yay!). (oh and i just noticed - I am wearing stuffs she made in my blog-header image - now that's dedication) !

this is me crossing my fingers for her - she is most awesome and does most awesome things! :) x

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Some Italy Polaroids

Friday, June 12, 2009

State Of Change -or - Free Meat

Sjors arrived from London and wanted a tour... as we where showing him prime real estate for the modern heroin enthusiast - on the shores of the beuticious Akerselva we came across the UKS  - Unge Kunstneres Samfund - The Young Artists Society in Norway.

very good decission on various fronts: 

Ben getting friendly sausages

1. Sjors and Ben ate free meat (an otherwise very pricy commodity in Norway) which was given to them by a nice looking bearded man with promises of bands and more meat at the nights opening ... 

... 2. art was actually interesting .... and ...

artist: Malin Lennstroem-Oertwall - the neon light tubing spelled out: "Maybe I'll never see you again" ... the glass on the Maybe tubing was smashed and splattered across the gallery floor... on the accompanying paper we where told that the pice was built in Palestine and shipped over from Palestine to Norway! 

...3... made it possible for us to take pictures of ourselves in the art while on the art while being part of the art .... very confusing ... but as far as rainy Oslo days go .... Very Very Pleased With This One. 

artist : Lina Berglund (i think) 

State Of Change 

13. Juni - 28. Juni
curated by Helga-Marie Nordby

with works by:
Linn Rebekka Åmo | Aylin Soyer Tangen | Lars Skjelbreia | Lina Berglund | Linn Halvorsrød | Malin Lennström-Örtwall | Lars Haar Klemmensen | Åsa Larsson | Marianne Omdahl