Monday, March 23, 2009

Interview - conducted by Federica Tattoli

Interview by Federica Tattoli from Slurp Magazine

Federica conducted these interviews with all the artists participating in the Point Of View exhibition at Gallery Jarach in Venice, Italy. All interviews where printed on grey paper and bound as a book to accompany the exhibition.

The interviews will soon be published on The Gallery Jarach Webpage

The interview:

Flavia Söllner

The importance of The Night in your photography.

I enjoy taking my photographs at night – more than during the lighter times of day, because it gives me a certain control over what i want to show, which aspects of the story or the image i wish to be revealed --- i feel that because not everything is on display it is an incentive for the viewer to use their own imagination – i don’t want to dictate – only encourage.

Polaroids, why you decided to use now a vintage and unique way to take pictures and what give to your work?

i like the fact that I have one original. often people make a differentiation between painting (even bad painting ) and photography. Stating that Photography isn’t art – only a mirror held to our surroundings – while with painting there is an artistic process involved. Maybe i was jealous of painters – maybe i wanted to have one original, too. Something that i can hold in my hand or hang on a wall and say: this is the original – everything else is only a print or a copy.

A flicker of light in the dark, what is for you?

Anything and everything – everything and nothing

What do you think and what you would like that the observer feel through your Point Of View?

I want them to feel slightly uncomfortable, voyeuristic, like they are looking at a trainwreck finding it beautyful --- discomforted by their own moralità

Explain to me the genesis of the POV’s work.

I lived with some people in a squalid London flat – i bought a moldy car on the internet – everyone starter getting naked

Wich is your favourite fairy-tale? And which is the connection of fairy-tale with your work?

At the moment i am very much engrossed in fantasy fiction, the worse they are written the more crackish i get about them. I think i like the elements of fairy tales, mixing them, the folcloric meanings behind numbers such as 3, 7, 13. Wolves, Deers, Pigs. Mirrors, Apples, Magic. Mixing all these elements up and making not a story in particular – but more an alternate reality. Something very similar – yet completely different from our day to day life. It’s about symbolism.

Less is More, why?

Because it opens up the field for self-interpretation. An illusion is much more powerful
when part of it is founded and based in the viewers own mind. The most horrible monsters in the world – are the ones you can not actually see – the ones that are hiding under your childhood bed – the ones that where in your closet when you where four – waking up – screaming and sweating in the middle of the night.

Your artistic research: where was born, where is now, and where will bring you?

I think i try to use photography to express how i feel – yet somehow i have more of an urge to do so when i am melancholic, sad or annoyed – not so much when i am very pleased with the world around me. I find myself trying to create something, a body of work that is, like i am, like you are. Something that has a life of it’s own. I don’t know where it will go or where it will take me. I try to live life making one bad or good decision at a time.

Why did you choose photography to express yourself?

I can not paint – at all!

Suspence, Fear, Magic, Mystery, Allure.. what is the meaning of these words for you?

Words that are deeply rooted in the imagination of humanity, words that make our every day life worth living.

You are half Brazilian and half Norwegian, how this mix of opposites countries influenced your work?

I grew up in Norway, Brazil, Germany and England, for a very brief time i lived in Italy as well, i think the constant moving has made me want to hide in my own world, in books , and in imaginary playgrounds, with friends who didn’t exist, mermaids and dragons and little princesses made half of chair and half of human, something that carried on into my adult life.

Your goal in doing Art?

I‘m doing it for the money ☺

There are some artists, not strictly figurative, that influenced your work more?

While growing up i wanted to be just like Leonardo Da Vinci and watch drunken chickens lay eggs or build flying contraptions – later in life i discovered the photography of Bill Henson – i try not too look at it too often as i don’t want to be influenced by another photographer too much. But i think his imagery is the most beautyful body of work i have ever seen.