Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lauren Vieyra Rocks Australia!

click to see video of lauren click

click here to see some of her dresses from the olden days
design : lauren Vieyra  
photi : me 

Lauren is on Australian Telli about to make some awesome things - check her out! click click click 

I met Lauren & Alina Tadevosyan while studying in Italy - i was very impressed with the quality of workmanship, ingenuity and creativity they exhibited in their designs.

Some of the loveliest dresses and accessories I have ever seen (pay attention to the thumb gloves she is wearing in the video - they made them - i have a pair , yay!). (oh and i just noticed - I am wearing stuffs she made in my blog-header image - now that's dedication) !

this is me crossing my fingers for her - she is most awesome and does most awesome things! :) x